Low-viscosity marine fuel

April  7,  2011

Low-viscosity marine fuel goes very well for the use on the vessels of sea and river fleets with high-speed and average-speed diesel engines, and also it is used in gas-turbine power plants. This type of fuel is produced from diesel distillate fractions of direct refining with addition of light gas-oils of petroleum secondary refining. The main difference from diesel fuel is higher percentage of sulfur content and lower cetane number.

Distillate (low-viscosity) marine fuel is obtained from light fractions that are released in the process of distillation in petroleum refining units. It is characterized by low viscosity (v = 3 h. - 6 mm2/s), that enables to feed it to the engines and boilers without pre-heating.

Low-viscosity marine fuel is produced in three types that differ in mass fraction of sulfur:
I type – admissible mass fraction of sulfur is not more 0,5 %;
II type – mass fraction of sulfur can be not more 1,0 %;
III type - mass fraction of sulfur must not exceed 1,5 %.

It is permitted to use additives that are admitted to usage in standardized order during production of low-viscosity marine fuel. Since work of vessel engine, machinery serviceability, safety of operation, environmental pollution and so on depend on the quality of fuel, its production is strictly regulated. There are state standards and technical requirements for this purpose in Russia. And abroad quality of marine fuels is determined by specifications of suppliers of Britain (BS 2869 : 1967) and America (А5>ТМ-D975 and D396-67).

Only those enterprises are admitted to the production of low-viscosity marine fuel that conformed technical requirements and that are recorded as manufacturing enterprise in the product catalogue and registered in in accordance with established order

Low-viscosity fuel is delivered mainly in cistern wagons.

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