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Name of petroleum products (p/p) Price
per liter
per ton
Normal 80 70,00 r. 93 400 r.
Regular 92 74,60 r. 98 200 r.
AI 95 78,00 r. 102 650 r.
Diesel Summer 85,00 r. 99 500 r.
Diesel Winter 96,00 r. 113 650 r.
Kerosene TS-1 94,30 r. 115 000 r.
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Name of petroleum products (p/p) Price
per liter
per ton
(low-viscosity marine fuel)
83,00 r. 94 900 r.
GCS Prepared 55,00 r. 71 000 r.
Masut M-40 25,00 r. 26 740 r.
Masut M-100 28,00 r. 29 850 r.
Masut F-5 32,00 r. 34 520 r.
Fuel oil 52,50 r. 59 325 r.

Supply of fuel and POL


  • March  6 2013

    Company UFC offers a new mineral fuels "GKS prepared» with the addition of high-tech additives for use in household and industrial boilers Korean, Italian, and German-made!

  • June  22 2012

    From June 22, 2012, the company reduces the price of TCI Diesel Summer GOST 305-82. When buying more than 30 tons of additional discount.

  • June  18 2012

    Opening of the gas stations in the PRD Apache. It began to work, located at 43 km of road Ust-Bolsheretsk - p.Oktyabrsky.

About company

United Fuel Company has been selling light and heavy petroleum products for 5 years already, the high quality of products has been confirmed by corresponding passports and quality certificates of manufacturing plants. We successfully cooperate with petroleum refineries and this provides direct access to the immediate manufacturer of petroleum products. We are the long-term partners of the Far Eastern transport enterprises.

Having its own tank trunk park and also the possibility of petroleum products storage and transshipment, we are able to provide delivery of fuel of any volume as soon as possible over the whole Kamchatskiy region. High proficiency of drivers who have completed special trainings and constant communication with the coordinating manager enable us to guarantee safe and timely delivery of fuel in terms stipulated by the client. Delivery of fuel by the refueler enables to discharge fuel in the most inaccessible place and in any tank due to availability of «sleeves» with different length and shape. Also our tank trucks are equipped with tanks that are divided into sections, that’s why one tank truck can transport different types and volumes, and this helps to economize on fuel delivery.


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