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Wholesale prices (as on 18.09.2023), including VAT 20 %

Name of petroleum products (p/p)Price
per liter
per ton
Normal 8070,00 р.93 400 р.
Regular 9274,60 р.98 200 р.
AI 9578,00 r.102 650 r.
Diesel Summer85,00 р.99 500 р.
Diesel Winter96,00 р.113 650 р.
(low-viscosity marine fuel)
83,00 р.94 900 р.
Kerosene TS-194,30 р.115 000 р.
GCS Prepared55,00 р.71 000 р.
Masut M-4025,00 r.26 740 r.
Masut M-10028,00 r.29 850 r.
Masut F-532,00 r.34 520 r.
Fuel oil52,50 r.59 325 r.
Не является публичной офертой.


The company «UFC» » offers cooperation in the sphere of supplying fuel for motor transport, air transport, construction objects, boilers, generators and bunkering for enterprises and organizations. The company also offers services associated with delivery of petroleum products to the storehouse of the customer all over Kamchatskiy region.

Outstanding features of our company work:

  • large park of tank trucks-refuelers with the capacity from 2 м3 to 40 м3;
  • delivery of fuel to the inaccessible districts of Kamchatskiy region;
  • providing with installments up to 30 days;
  • advertency to every client;
  • reliability and high quality of petroleum products;
  • rational price policy;
  • mobility of work, the possibility of urgent shipment in the day of order.

Working with the company «UFC», you may be assured that you have chosen a reliable partner.

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